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Career switch from B. Sc in Agriculture To Risk Management

B. Sc in Agriculture TO



Srijan Gosh is one of the brightest students at GRMI. He completed his bachelor’s B.Sc. degree from Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University. Initially, He wanted to do a professional course after graduation in management. He was Aiming for a generic MBA/one-year MBA program as an MBA alternative in India  

He decided to join the Global Risk Management Institute for its placements and the teaching skills of the faculty.

Early in his career, he joined the Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management course (PGDRM), as he knew that the risk domain will always have a greater opportunity in the corporate sector, even in the future, because he believes it is a job-oriented course after graduation.    

He discovered the Global Risk Management Institute’s programme just in time to see how the risk management domain will shortly change the game. He was motivated by this to take part in that growth story when it occurs. 

 GRMI offers the best diploma course after graduation / risk management course in India.   




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