Student Experience at GRMI 

We asked a handful of our students to reflect on their experience at GRMI so far and to answer a few questions we put to them. We hope that this series of Q&A gives you a sense of who they are and what they think of the institute. We hope it also provides a window into their academic and extracurricular lives. They all share a common love for GRMI and a shared desire to make a difference in the world. 

My Experience at GRMI

Saurav Nath, PGDRM JAN’21-22

 experience at GRMI

How would you describe your experience at GRMI? 

It gives me immense pride to admit that I’m a part of the GRMI family. I have always lacked a mentor in life and I’ve found a community here to mentor me in my professional endeavor. 

What is one fact concerning GRMI that everyone should be aware of? 

Everyone should be varied of the fact that GRMI changes people a lot, for the better. It’s a procedure that will test your adaptability, hard effort, and determination. If you have the desire to achieve, you expect to make a lot. 

What factors influenced your decision to enroll in this proggrame?  

I’ve had some experience in transaction and compliance risk. Through my work submissions, I realized the importance of risk professionals. I always wanted to be at the forefront of mitigating risks and GRMI was the only institute with a full-fledged program in risk management. I had gone through their subject offerings which impressed me a lot and spoke to alumni to understand the curriculum. Choosing GRMI was the best investment decision I could have made for my career. 

Why should one pursue a career in Risk Management? 

Risk management has become the new calling. It is no longer regarded as a cost centre by organizations, but rather as a section important to business expansion. It serves as a lynchpin for achieving company goals. With the changing era and dimension, the portfolio for risk management is also being passed to risk smart experts, and so a career in risk management is the rage. 

What is your favorite thing to do after class? 

Playing Table Tennis with my buddies on the 5th level and going out munching are two of my Favorite things to do. 

What are the things to remember before a job interview? 

A candidate should be well-informed about previous events and keep up with current events. In addition to domain-specific technical knowledge, the candidate must be self-assured, well-spoken, and well-articulated. There may also be questions aimed at testing your decision to join a risky career or programme, therefore it’s always best to line your answers with examples. 

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