How to prepare for the Personal Interview for PGDRM by GRMI

Preparing for the Personal Interview for PGDRM

About the interview

The completed application will be reviewed by the programme office and applicants shortlisted for an interview. It may be conducted in person, over a video conference, or a web/ internet-based tool (Zoom / Skype). The shortlisting and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.
The remote interview candidates must ensure good internet connection, working mic, sound on their laptop or tablet or handheld device, and a noise-free location.

What to prepare?

The PI is a 40 minutes based discussion, which includes Competency / Behavioural, Situational, and Case Interview questions. This round is also focused on testing communication skills, logical reasoning, and the ability to carry yourself.


Hear from our student:

Pulin Kumar Behera (PGDRM Batch July 2019

The questions asked in the interviews are framed in a manner so as to compel you to think in a particular direction and seek answers that align your viewpoints to the thought process of someone trying to enter the field of risk management. Moreover, if you have work experience it’s better to have an overall idea of how the process/department/org functions in correlation with other elements of the process/department/org. To simplify, if you are able to answer process-related questions then…….

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