Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The composition of the Board of Governors has been done with an objective of providing a global hue to GRMI from its very inception stage.  We recognize that these are leaders geographically dispersed and hence would be constrained in participating as actively and in person as the Board of Directors and Strategy Board members but each member of our BOG brings to GRMI a very distinct set of values that ensures the programme, its curriculum and management are kept live to how the word of risk paradigm is evolving in the global landscape.  Some of the BOG members are also those who are unable at the current point in time to devote enough time to be actively engaged in either of the other Boards but are deep seated well wishers of GRMI and are emotionally vested in GRMI to make available whatever time they can for GRMI and thereby try and meaningfully contribute to building GRMI as an aspirational Institute in the Risk domain.  . While BOG is essentially an advisory council one of the key objectives is to continuouslyexplore avenues to improve the program and make it global. GRMI’s Board of Governors includes eminent business leaders from the industry, past audit heads from the industry and consulting firms as well as some past Directors of premiere educational institutes

Alex Dali

Mr. Dali is the President of the Global Institute for Risk Management Standards. G31000 is the label for the Global Institute

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Alex Shirey

Alex Shirey is currently the Vice President of Internal Audit at Delphi Corporation. Prior to joining Delphi Corporation,

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 P K Mukherjee

Mr P K Mukhejree had been associated with CEAT Tyres and Bridge and Roof Company (India) in several capacities.

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Harry Dhaliwal

Mr. Harminder Dhaliwal currently serves as the GE Global Operations Finance Leader based out of Fairfield, CT.

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Jean-Pierre Wirtz

Mr. Jean Pierre Wirtz is a CPA in Zurich Switzerland and holds a Degree in economics – University of Strasbourg (France).

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Ravi Bhoothalingam

Ravi Bhoothalingam is the Founder and Chairman of Manas Advisory, a consultancy practice focusing on leadership coaching.

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Dilip Bidani

Mr Dilip Bidani has spent 27 years with premier groups across FMCG and Services Industries, of which over 13 years as CFO.

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Arnout Van Der Veer

A well-respected leader in the fields of Risk Management, Assurance and Compliance, Mr. Arnout has more than 30 years of experience

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Ritu Chawla Kochhar

Ritu Chawla Kochhar is currently working as a Consultant with Spencer Stuart since May 2012.

Russ Charlton

Russ Charlton currently he serves as SVP & Chief Auditor for Time Inc. (TIME).

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Anuj Kapoor

Anuj Kapoor is a Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking, UBS India.

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