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Effective Risk Management is becoming critical across Industries – Service, Manufacturing, Telecom, Consulting etc. and also if you want to be an entrepreneur. A quick market overview –

The Risk advisory services alone has a market size of $10 BN +, growing at an extremely fast rate of approx. 40 – 45% Y-o-Y. Top 250 companies spend ~ USD 30- 50 MN each on risk-related activities This kind of a market size translates it into a great career opportunity in Risk Management domain for all aspiring professionals. With no structured and comprehensive programme in India or even globally to address the incredible skill set gap, the pioneer batch of trained Risk Management professionals will have an edge over other professionals in this space.

If you are looking to have a fast paced dynamic career, with extensive opportunity to learn and contribute to the success of an organization, then you should explore a career in Risk Management. If you like problem solving, approaching problems with an analytical approach and contribute in enhancing organization performance, then you are the right candidate for this.

Risk Management opens up global opportunities to work across industries like consulting, manufacturing, services etc. and key business processes like – finance, treasury, operations, supply chain, compliance, controllership, HR etc.

As our experience serves us, people with passion to learn, good analytical skills, a logical thinking process, ability to understand business and great communication skills have transformed into extremely successful Risk Management professionals.

One needs to evaluate the real objective they want to achieve by taking the next career decision.

One picks up a corporate job to gain some practical exposure before going for masters to understand and apply the concepts he learns in the class better. Some students, plan to learn the concepts in class room upfront, and hope they get skilled adequately to get a business role, that helps them to contribute to the organization success from day one.

With GRMI, we are offering a unique opportunity to our students to get the best of both the worlds together, and get skilled in specialized skillsets that make them ready for guaranteed value addition business roles.

Our course delivery is significantly based on Live Case Study pattern. These case studies are developed in discussion with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. An enviable mix of Corporate Leaders and Leading Academia delivers the content ensuring knowledge sharing through practical corporate example sharing.

This gears up our students with right understanding of the concepts and application of same in practical world. PGDRM being a 1 year full time course, it gets you ready for entering the corporate world fully prepared for best of business roles and that to at least an year earlier as compared to any regular masters.

Credibility at GRMI is defined by the quality of leadership that is driving the entire Program. Led by the Dean and ably supported by a distinguished Board of Directors and Strategy Board, an internationally-represented Board of Governors, and an impressive Academic Council aims to be a hallowed portal for creating future leaders for the country and the globe.

GRMI is committed to ensuring an environment where the students get to interact with more global leaders and risk practitioners than what any other institute can offer. There is a large list of industry and consulting well-wishers who are committed in principle to GRMI to make time for knowledge-sharing sessions with the students. We believe that the invaluable depth of the experience of these leaders far outmatches text-based knowledge accumulation, and hence GRMI prides itself in creating an experiential learning environment that is unparalleled in India today.

At GRMI we will endeavor to develop a talented pool of professionals trained on a world class Risk Management curriculum, thus creating an ecosystem enabling all large corporates to hire trained risk managers. Our aspirational aim is to place our students across the globe and in leading Risk Consulting firms and large Corporates in India to make GRMI an international and national talent-sourcing hub for budding risk managers.

In terms of concrete actions to honor our commitment to securing placements for all students of GRMI, we have already had discussions with leading consulting firms and industry players, and they have shown keen interest in hiring an all round specialist from GRMI in their organization, as that will help them gain substantial productivity and efficiency from day 1.

Some of the large consulting and risk consulting organizations like IBM, Accenture, EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Protiviti, RSM International, Grant Thornton, etc. and other large corporate organizations like General Electrics (GE), Tata Group, PepsiCo etc. are potential recruiters We will also leverage our global client connects with Fortune companies to channelize placements though GRMI Our strategic partners with leading Global HR associations – Society of Human Resources Management (‘SHRM’) will give our students a great opportunity to explore placement opportunity on the global canvas.

The world is moving towards specialization. As per a recent survey covered in the newspaper, professionals with specialized skills only survive in the long run, and generalist will find it difficult to survive. We believe, PGDRM from GRMI should be looked as an alternate to Masters. It’s a full time one year class room education program with cutting edge curriculum and extensive infusion of live case studies, to give students a more practical experience.

In addition to specific Risk Management papers, we are also focusing on all round development of our students, and hand-picked key other subject papers like HR, Organization Behavior, Cyber Risk and Strategic Thinking, which will benefit our students in their corporate careers. We have also embedded as part of our student development program a unique “Communication & Cultural Enhancement Module” that will be run through the year with an extremely personalized delivery. This will be aimed at improving each individual student on the two parameters of communication and cultural awareness, both are key for a successful global professional.

Our endeavor at GRMI is to build an ecosystem for Risk Professionals. In doing this we are getting consulting organization, industry houses and aspiring risk professionals at a common platform to explore working for and with best in Risk Management space. Our discussions with risk-consulting and corporate leaders have indicated that deep domain and all-round development that will be delivered at GRMI through the PGDRM program is almost certainly going to mean faster career tracks for PGDRM students, as compared to their peers who join with more generic qualifications. This will hold true for all professionals pursuing a career in the domain of risk, compliance, controllership and internal audits.

In current market scenario, the one thing which can easily be termed as our USP is the placement opportunities for all our students, to serve a USD 40 B+ market growing at a steady pace, however, we believe that’s an end product that we are committed to deliver, and not really our USP.

Our USP is the cutting edge course curriculum delivered by an enviable mix of corporate and academia leaders through case studies developed by CXOs of Fortune 500 companies. All this with the support of corporate world leaders, who believe in creating an ecosystem for risk professionals with us.

It’s heartening to see this question being asked to us on a regular basis. This clearly indicates that the youth is thinking in the right direction, and wants to build his career on concepts and knowledge.

GRMI has built its course curriculum on fundamentals of ensuring that our students understand the business value chains and concepts of risk management with ability of applying the same in practical world. Our course will focus on giving students practical understanding across 7 key industries like Manufacturing, Service, Hospitality, Telecom, IT, Human Resource and Regulatory Compliance. This will make out students ready to explore career options across industries.

Further, our course delivery is significantly based on Live Case Study pattern. These case studies are developed in discussion with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. An enviable mix of Corporate Leaders and Leading Academia delivers the content ensuring knowledge sharing through practical corporate example sharing.

This combination of course structure and delivery model, positions GRMI students uniquely to qualify with great command on concepts and practical knowledge as compared to their peers.

Yes, GRMI has a tie up with Avanse, our education loan partner, to help our students get easy finance options following a fairly easy process. Further, our fee structure is aligned to Semester pattern, thus making fees payable in easy installments, as you learn.

For more details, refer to our website –

Admission to GRMI is a 2-step process

1. Application Submitting the application form: Applicants can fill the application form online through the website which will be available.

2. Personal Interview : On the basis of the applicant form submitted, the Admissions committee shall shortlist candidates for Personal interview round. The interview shall be conducted at the Campus or over Skype (for non-NCR candidates) and the details shall be notified to shortlisted candidates on the email Id provided in application form. This round would be focused on testing the communication skills, logical reasoning and ability to carry yourself.

GRMI campus is centrally located in Delhi NCR – Gurgaon area. We do not have residential facility at GRMI campus. However, our campus is surrounded by large residential colony, offering multiple options like PG, independent flats for rent etc. Students are free to select their accommodation option as per their convenience and preference. To facilitate the process, we have identified select properties basis our research, for students to select from and contract with the property owners directly.

GRMI campus is located near to HUDA metro station, which also has last mile connectivity options starting early morning till late night.

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