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Why study at GRMI?

Risk Management Scope: While deciding on pursuing education in a newly set-up environment, what would be the factors one should evaluate?

1. How credible is the Institute?

Credibility at GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) is defined by the quality of leadership that is driving the entire Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management Programme — a leadership that is driven by the passion and belief in giving back to society that has helped them become iconic figures in their domain. Global Risk Management Institute provides a financial risk management course (frm course), enterprise risk management, cyber security risk management, and third-party risk management in its 1year PG in Risk Management course.  GRM Institute, led by the Dean and ably supported by a distinguished Board of Directors and Strategy Board, an internationally-represented Board of Governors, and an impressive Academic Council aims to be a hallowed portal for creating future leaders for the country and the globe. 

2. What distinguishes the 1-year PGDRM programme from others?

The key differentiators are as follows:

  • The course content is tailored to create risk domain experts, and is a curriculum that in terms of comprehensiveness and depth is going to be the first not just in India but in the world;
  • The curriculum has a strong component of real-life case studies that make the experience significantly more interesting and experiential than classroom learning;
  • A significant number of instructors will be from the corporate world, who will bring with them the depth of domain knowledge critical for delivering a specialized curriculum, differentiated from generic qualifications;
  • The curriculum and learning experience are co-created with the key stakeholders of the ecosystem of risk–leading corporates and risk consulting firms. This ensures the relevance and acceptance of both the curriculum and the qualification.
3. Will I get experiences that are different from my other options?

Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) is committed to ensuring an environment where the students get to interact with more global leaders and risk practitioners than any other institute can offer. Each of GRMI members of the Board of Governors are committed to conducting sessions for the students either over VC or through classroom sessions. 

Additionally, there is a large list of industry and consulting well-wishers who are unable to commit enough time to be on our boards but are committed in principle to GRMI to make time for knowledge-sharing sessions with the students. We believe that the invaluable depth of the experience of these leaders far outmatches text-based knowledge accumulation, and hence GRMI prides itself in creating an experiential learning environment that is unparalleled in India today.

4. Is there something that only GRMI can provide me?

In today’s age when the world is fast shrinking and globalization is the way forward for almost every large corporation, the need for effective communication is felt more acutely than ever before. Gone are the days when one could be a successful professional in India, and the ability to communicate with global leaders was not essential for career enhancement. Being oblivious to global cultures is no longer a luxury that aspiring professionals can afford.

Our experience shows that a significant percentage of domain talent loses out owing to a lack of communication skills on the one hand and connecting with the global scene on the other. At GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) we have embedded as part of our student development programme a unique “Communication & Cultural Enhancement Module” that will be run through the year with an extremely personalized delivery. This will be aimed at improving each individual student on the two parameters of communication and cultural awareness on a 10-point scale. 

The improvement programme will be run on an absolute basis of improvement and not compared to the rest of the batch in order to ensure each student benefits and improves. We will partner with domain experts in communication and cultural enhancements to ensure we bring the very best to our students.

At GRM Institute we are committed to building “world beaters” who will be all-rounded professionals and not mere risk domain experts.

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