Students' Experience In GRMI With PG In Risk Management



Krishna Bhutani

I always wanted a platform where I would get the right exposure and I was happy with what Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) gave its students.

Also, another reason for joining GRM Institute is the faculty and the industry experts it has. You also get Big 4 Placement.

PGDRM July Batch 2020-21


I joined Global Risk Management Institute because it is the only institute that covers all aspects of Risk management through 1-year PG Diploma in Risk Management Institute. And for me, the 1-year PGDRM programme by GRMI is the best alternative to any MBA programme. 

PGDRM July Batch 2020-21

Gaurav Kumar

I chose 1-year PGDRM course because its the best alternative option to a Generic MBA as in today's world, Industries are more focused on hiring specialists and I can say that GRMI focuses more on providing industry-oriented skill sets to the students for making them a  successful risk professional as well as future leaders. 

The curriculum here is well structured and has a well- balanced theory and practical which makes the students stand apart from the crowd. The faculty here is just amazing and they are very keen to help the students at any time. 

PGDRM Jan Batch 2020


I chose 1-year PGDRM course to get a deep insight into the risk management aspect in the corporate world and GRMI offers that knowledge. the faculty is amazing, as a fresher it's a great opportunity to learn from industry experts, and also the alumni sessions help a lot to understand the program.

PGDRM Jan Batch 2020

Preeti Anand


Very friendly and helpful faculty. The best part of Global Risk Management Institute is the Alumni sessions & interactions which are helping us a lot in our initial days to gain the right knowledge and guidance. 
I joined PGDRM to build my career as a Risk professional which is more exciting and has a huge scope in the future. I would like to establish myself as a risk professional in a global organization.

PGDRM Jan Batch 2020

Agamya Sharma

GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) is not just any regular institute. The course caters to all the requirements a professional would require to be considered ‘industry ready’.

From honing one’s communication skills to widening the perspective of an individual towards everyday scenarios in the market/industry efficiently, GRM Institute focuses & acquaints the student on all the intricacies other courses (offered by other institutes) wouldn’t even mention once. I chose this institute after extensive research and I’m really proud of my decision.

The atmosphere of the GRM Institute is very positive. The management, the faculty, and even the staff members are utterly polite and amicable. The infrastructure is just a cherry on top with top-class amenities and a gaming area to de-stress! 

PGDRM July Batch 2019-20

Shubham Chaudhary

The kind of industry connections that GRMI (GLOBAL RISK MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE) has along with its exceptional faculty is unparalleled in the risk-education sector.

The program is designed like an intensive MBA program in Risk Management with a promise of not just creating Risk Intelligent professionals but also future leaders.  

PGDRM July Batch 2019-20

Arun Nemani

Having a life science background with 5 years of experience in the insurance vertical, I wanted to groom my career. That's when I found the PGDRM course (Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management course) which deals with various aspects of risk management.

Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) is a good campus equipped with good infrastructure facilities. The faculty here are working professionals who share real-life practical experiences.

PGDRM July Batch 2019-20


A perfect blend of academia and industry exposure, I find learning at GRMI to be quite practically applicable.

Looking forward to grow here!

PGDRM July Batch 2019-20


The PG in Risk Management course helps us to understand the nuances of all types of risks in changing business environments and preparing future CXOs. 

People who are looking for a career in Risk Management I would suggest Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) is the best place to learn and if you want to see yourself as a future leader, go for it.

PGDRM Batch 2017-18


There is no other college that provides such a course in risk management. GRMI has an excellent faculty from the field of education as well as business leaders. 

PGDRM Batch 2017-18


GRMI is the only college in the country that teaches Risk Management. The faculty we have over here is 
exceptionally good. 

Due to changing business dimensions, industries are getting exposed to a lot of new risks. So the demand for risk professionals are rising. That is why going for a risk management programme (PGDRM programme) at this point in time gave the right push to my career. 

PGDRM Batch 2017-18


GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) is the first of its kind in India, for this risk management programme. One can anticipate seeing its partners and associates what internship one can expect to get. The experienced and iconic faculty, the campus, its class rooms and the library give an instant wow factor breaking the stereotypes. 

My visit to the campus before taking admission and interaction with the teaching and non-teaching staffs, reaffirmed my confidence over my decision to be a part of GRMI.

PGDRM Batch 2017-18


I found the Risk Management diploma the best alternative for an MBA. Since BCP & DR is an important part of Risk Management and I am an experienced Business Continuity Professional. Therefore this diploma would help me to grow and blossom in my field.

Therefore, this 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management would help me to grow and blossom in my field.

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


The 1-year PGDRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management) is a unique programme started by GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute). It is the only institute in India that covers all aspects of risk management in one course. In my opinion, one can make a lucrative career in this field. 

Emergence of various frauds in the corporate world have triggered people to be more concerned about their business/investment and this is where this Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management will help in the detection of the risk beforehand. This is the best alternative for MBA with specialized knowledge.

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


The course is unique and the study materials are exclusive. The faculty are professional and are giving us depth knowledge in their respective fields. 

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


Its a well-structured course, covering various facets of risk in a shorter span of time. I found it to be a great mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, not offered by any other institution. 

The Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) also offers internship opportunities along with 97% placement track record. Big 4 companies also come here for placements.  

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


1-year PGDRM course or PG in Risk Management curriculum is really up to the mark. Faculty are really good here we get a wonderful opportunity to be taught by CEO's and CFO's of big industries. We also have faculty of well-known institutions like FMS, SRCC, etc.

The teachers and staff here are really cooperative. They are always available for you.

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


I opted for 1-year PGDRM programme (Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management) because a career in risk management will expose me to various aspects of a business and various industries.

The dynamic character of this field creates opportunities for career advancement. It provides one with an intellectually stimulating environment that fine-tunes one's problem-solving skills.

PGDRM July Batch 2018-19


The initial days have been insightful. Learned a lot about the Global Risk Management Institute and the prestigious people involved with the institute and their journey. I opted for the PGDRM course because it is a budding course and it has a lot of opportunities in the future. 

PGDRM Jan Batch 2019


I developed a keen interest in Risk Management after pursuing a diploma in Treasury, investment, and risk management. I wanted to do a specialized course so I opted for Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management in GRMI because of its unique curriculum. 

PGDRM Jan Batch 2019


The PGDRM programme from GRMI is a perfect 1-year specialization course that seems to mend with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the risk management world and that’s what made me passionate about it. 

 Being in the initial days of program, we are revisiting the very significant and basic concepts about business and management that I think will definitely help to make a great professional out of us in the near future. 

PGDRM Jan Batch 2019


I chose PGDRM because of its globally benchmarked curriculum of creating risk professionals through its 1-year full-time robust program. I found it to be a great shift in my career.

PGDRM Jan Batch 2019

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