GRMI’s Internship Program with Industry Partners


About the Internships at GRMI|Subhashis Nath|Founder & CEO

Our structured internship programme of 6-8 weeks is aimed at ensuring that students don’t end up doing internships which are a tick in the box. We are partnering with industry majors to ensure that all our students get to do internships with large corporates wherein they actually get to implement their classroom learnings by participating in live projects. We see this as a mutually-beneficial arrangement between the students and the industry partners.

These partners will allow GRMI to have a planned and real experience-gaining internship program for the students.  What this will mean is that students would no longer need to run around and seek internships and run the risk of doing secondary research industry reports as part of their internship. GRMI, along with its industry partners, will provide opportunities to the students of GRMI’s PGDRM programme to participate in live  projects of these partners, working with their business leaders and risk and compliance teams to gain real work experience.

“I am excited at the levels of commitment large consulting firms have shown both in sharing knowledge to help build practical course content for GRMI, and in promising to hire from the institute. It is also very encouraging to have large Corporates promise to support our internship program by providing hands-on learning to our students while they are still with GRMI. Some of them have also promised pre-placement offers for our students. Such spontaneous support creates the kind of ecosystem our graduates can flourish in.”

Subhashis Nath – Mentor

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