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Our Knowledge & Strategic Partners would make available to the students of GRMI very deep domain literature in print and electronic form that would allow students to enrich their knowledge base in addition to their classroom and experiential learning journey in GRMI; Enhance your learning experience with GRMI Partners – knowledge & strategic industry leaders.

Our Knowledge Partners and Industry Partners would enrich the learning experience of our students by encouraging their senior and relevant leaders to conduct knowledge sharing sessions.  These would be delivered via in person classroom interactions, Video Conference sessions and Voice calls.



OTHM qualifications are developed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Pursuing an OTHM qualification will give you the opportunity to enhance knowledge of business and management and grow key competencies to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. This in turn gives you the potential to get promotion within workplace. Alternatively, it allows you to progress onto a MBA top-up programmes around the World.

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The MBA (top-up) programme is delivered through London Graduate School.


Institute of Internal Auditors, India:


Established in 1941, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is an international professional association with global headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida, USA. The IIA is the internal audit profession’s global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator. Generally, members work in internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education, and security.

The Institute of Internal Auditors-India (IIA-India) was formed in 1980 as a National Institute affiliated to Institute of Internal Auditors Global [IIA Global] headquartered in Florida USA.

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Established in 1927, FICCI is the largest and oldest apex business organisation in India. Its history is closely interwoven with India’s struggle for independence, its industrialization, and its emergence as one of the most rapidly growing global economies.

A non-government, not-for-profit organisation, FICCI is the voice of India’s business and industry. From influencing policy to encouraging debate, engaging with policy makers and civil society, FICCI articulates the views and concerns of industry. It serves its members from the Indian private and public corporate sectors and multinational companies, drawing its strength from diverse regional chambers of commerce and industry across states, reaching out to over 2,50,000 companies.

FICCI provides a platform for networking and consensus building within and across sectors and is the first port of call for Indian industry, policy makers and the international business community.

For more details, visit: FICCI

Hauspeter Consultancy


Over 23 years of Consultancy, Internal Auditing, IT & Operational auditing along with Risk Management experience, domestic and abroad.

Hauspeter Consulting was established by Haviv Hauspeter during the beginning of 2011 which provides professional services to companies in various field of operation including: commercial companies; Industrial; Banks; Energy; governmental companies; public companies & the governmental sector. The Internal auditing; IT auditing along with organizational development consulting services includes:

  • Conducting internal auditing along with IT & information security audit.
  • Forensic Audit.
  • Risk survey & Risk management.
  • Control 
  • Writing working overall processes procedure. 
  • Analyzing working processes; cross organizational processes and interfaces, for improving & efficiency solutions.
  • SOX & ISOX
  • Consolidate regulation enforce mechanism & conducting obedience checks.

The services are available in Israel and abroad. 


  • Internal Auditing – industrial, operational, bio-med, hi tech, infrastructure, energy companies  
  • Defining working process and procedure for startup companies  
  • IT Auditing; 
  • Forensic Audit; 
  • Bank’s Internal Auditing;  
  • Risk Survey & IT Survey & Risk Management;
  • Consulting Management Members regarding Implementation of Control Mechanism;  
  • Procedures Writing & Implementation;  
  • Information Security Policy Writing & Implementation;  
  • Code of Ethic Writing & Implementation;

For more details, visit: HAUSPETER


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