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PGDRM Fee Structure

Post Graduation Diploma in Risk
Management|Fee Structure

Fee for our 1 year PGDRM programme is INR
9.50Lakhs + GST.
The above fee structure is applicable for all Indian national students who
are residing in India. For any non-resident Indian or foreign national please contact us for
details of our fee structure.

The GRMI Office of Financial
Assistance provides information and assistance to applicants, and once admitted, through the
entire time that they are in the institute. We are here to help you navigate through all
aspects of the financial aid process.

It is wise to explore a variety of resources to help finance your
education. Although students and their families are aware of the many advantages of investing in
higher education, many applicants are worried about the increased cost of undertaking a
postgraduate program. However, completing a higher education program can contribute to brighter
employment prospects, apart from helping you gain the confidence and skills needed to perform
diverse and demanding roles in the professional world.
students admitted to GRMI will have access to a number of student loan options made available in
collaboration with banks and financial institutions that offer low interest rates and do not
require the students or their families to provide collateral.
We know that financial aid information is important and can be
confusing, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


PGDRM Fee Breakup: 

ParticularsBase Fee GSTTotal
Application fee2,1193812,500
Registration fee61,44111,05972,500
1st Commitment63,56011,44075,000
First Semester4,00,00072,0004,72,000
Study Material95,00017,1001,12,100
Knowledge Centre Fee95,00017,1001,12,100
2nd Commitment5,90,0001,06,2006,96,200
Second Semester2,96,44053,3593,49,799
3rd Commitment2,96,44053,3593,49,799
Grand Total9,50,0001,71,00011,21,000



Scholarships Awarding


  • GRMI  Institutional Scholarships apply ONLY toward tuition and
  • Awards are tuition waivers ONLY.  Therefore, GRMI does not
    permit this type of scholarship to apply towards the cost of books nor may GRMI directly
    refund it to students.
  • Only award recipients will be notified by GRMI as part of the
    Student PGDRM Offer Letter.
  • Cessation of enrolment will cause a loss of
  • Applicants must be Indian Citizens or eligible
  • Scholarship awards are non-transferable and may affect
    eligibility for other financial assistance.
  • Scholarship awards are not supposed to be disclosed with
    alumni, current batch or future batch members at GRMI or anywhere else publicly. The
    award is strictly confidential and pertains to the awarded student only. Any default may
    cause a loss of scholarship.


Students who submit an application certify the information provided
on the application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Falsification of information will
automatically disqualify a student from receiving any scholarships. Students agree that if
awarded a scholarship, GRMI may share their name and scholarship information with accreditation

Any person having inquiries concerning GRMI’s compliance with these
regulations may contact the following –

Scholarship Procedure



Loan and Scholarship


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