Management Team

As a specialized institute, we recognize the need for a multi-disciplinary approach in the ever-evolving arena of Risk Management in order to work together with other centres of risk expertise around the world. We actively work with industry experts to develop new educational programs, leadership in thought.

Mr. Subodh Bhargava


Late Mr. Amal Ganguli

Former Chairman

Mr. Subhashis Nath


Prof. Madhu Vij

Academic Council and Faculty


 Our Management team offers:
  • In-depth understanding of risk domain, with cumulative experience in excess of ~ 50 years in risk consulting.
  • 2,000+ hours of experience in building and running exhaustive training sessions for corporate and in-house consulting teams.
  • Recruitment and hiring experience in the Indian market for over 35 years, and the consequential awareness of skill-set gap between what students know and what corporates require;
  • Extensive global exposure in the Risk Management domain that brings an acute understanding of the demand-supply gap of risk professionals.
  • Strong global connects across Fortune companies, rallying global support in building programme content, attracting student and visiting faculty participation, and driving global placements over time.
  • High credibility in the corporate world and access to relevant and senior leadership to partner in initiatives we undertake over time.
  • Experience in successful entrepreneurship
  • Passion to impact global governance models by creating enhanced ecosystem in risk management domain

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