Career In Risk Management & Placements In Big4 with GRMI



At Global Risk Management Institute in India (GRMI), we will endeavor to develop a talented pool of professionals trained on a worldclass Risk Management curriculum, thus creating an ecosystem enabling all large corporates to hire trained risk managers and make their career in risk management.

We aspire & commit to place our students across the globe and in leading Risk Consulting firms and large Corporates in India to make GRMI an international and national talent-sourcing hub for budding risk managers.


Career In Risk Management & Placements In Big4 with GRMI by PGDRM & FRM.

In terms of concrete actions to honor our commitment to securing placements for all students of GRMI, apart from working closely with our Knowledge and Industry Partners (who in our view would secure many students graduating at least in the initial years), we will also do the following:

  • Leverage our connections with consulting and risk consulting organizations (Career progression and placements in risk management IBM, Accenture EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Protiviti, RSM International, Grant Thornton, etc.) and other large corporate organizations. 
  • Leveraging our global client connects with Fortune companies to channelize placements through GRMI. 
  • Establish partnerships with leading Indian and Global HR associations, such as the Society of Human Resources Management (‘SHRM’) and the National Human Resources Department (‘NHRD’) to significantly enhance awareness, visibility and acknowledgement of GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) as a significant talent source, or members of these associations; 
  • Engage corporate houses through knowledge sharing sessions, industry speakers, sponsors etc., to create increased visibility and reputation among corporate.
  • Contract with global hiring firms to source risk management talent from India
  • Explore opportunities for students with somewhat diversified career interests in wider organizational roles such as–
      • Industry opportunities: Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare
      • Corporate governance function of an organization
      • Controllership/ Audit department of any organization
      • Finance function

GRMI's PGDRM Advantages - Value for Money. Mini MBA or Alternative to MBA - PGDRM PG In Risk Management. It's cover financial Risk Management FRM also.

Earnings Potential

While as an educational institute, we would not like to be viewed as believers that education or knowledge gathering and dissemination have a monetary equation attached to it, we do wish to state a few facts that will help students and parents determine the fairness of the programme fee structure.

Our discussions with leading risk consulting firms suggest that PGDRM in its initial years will compete with newly qualified CAs and two-year MBA programme graduates. Over the next few years, we expect absolute and complete parity and aspire to even start having our students attract a premium.

What is even more relevant is that all our discussions with risk consulting and corporate leaders have indicated that deep domain and all-round development that will be delivered at GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) through the Post Graduation Diploma in Risk Management (PGDRM) programme is almost certainly going to mean faster career tracks for PGDRM students, as compared to their peers who join with more generic qualifications. This will hold true for all professionals pursuing a career in risk management, compliance, controllership, and internal audits. 

Corporate houses, unlike risk consulting firms, do not have the internal machinery in place to provide best-in-class career enhancement training programmes to their employees in the risk domain, and hence they have historically stayed away from hiring less experienced professionals. With a PGDRM qualification, corporates will now get an opportunity to induct very relevant and uniquely trained PGDRM students in their organizations at a much earlier stage, which will also allow for better career progression for the students.

Lastly, there is no recognized programme specializing in the risk domain in India that delivers a 1-year Master’s equivalent to an MBA programme, and hence it will allow GRMI students to get employed a year earlier than their two-year counterparts and use that head-start to stay ahead of their peer group in the long run as well. 


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