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1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management

The course will include 3 papers on general management topics and 13 technical papers on various facets of Risk Management, such as Enterprise Risk Management (‘ERM’), Internal Audit (‘IA’), Sarbanes Oxley and Internal Financial Controls, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Risk Management, Applied Audit Analytics, Information Technology General Controls (‘ITGC’), etc.

The 3 general management papers will focus on enhancing awareness of corporate reality and creating more well-rounded risk professionals of the future. These will include Strategic Thinking, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, and Organizational Behavior. One of the key risks of developing and delivering a specialized Risk Domain curriculum is that students should not ever think of Risk expertise in a Silo environment. Good strong professionals need to recognize:

  • How a risk decision impacts an organization’s short-term and long-term strategy, and hence all decisions need to be weighed in that context;
  • That all decisions need to be accepted and internalized by an organization effective implementation, and for that, an understanding of organizational behavior is critical;
  • That all organizations now realize that irrespective of which industry segment they might operate in (including in the most digital interrupted business models), the need for appreciation of Human Resource elements of an organization can hardly be over-emphasized if it wants to be successful.

The above were the key drivers for these general management papers being included as core and mandatory papers of the PGDRM curriculum.

Developmental work for all the Risk Management papers have been led by professionals with a collective experience of 100+ years in the Risk consulting space. These papers have been co-developed and vetted by Global Risk Advisory leaders and industry experts, while working closely with tenured faculty of internationally reputed Universities.

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