Chetan Mathur: Former Senior DIR. at PepsiCo. & DIR. at GRMI

Chetan Mathur

Mr. Chetan Mathur|Director|Global Risk Management Institute

Mr. Chetan Mathur

Former Senior Director, Controller India Region at PepsiCo. and Director at Global Risk Management Institute


Multiple global crisis’s have brought the discipline of risk management into focus. Companies both in India and in overseas are under considerable pressure to protect customer information and privacy, and sensitive business information (business plans, intellectual property, etc.) against threats from cyber criminals, competitors, and even hostile governments. Forward-thinking companies have implemented risk management and compliance initiatives. They have avoided check-box compliance and re drill responses to security incidents in favour of sustained, continuous, and auditable risk management programs. In uenced by growing regulatory and governance requirements, many companies across the world have formed Board level risk committee to take a formal enterprise wide role in risk assessment, mitigation and the oversight. Corporate leaders today see value in linking risk to strategy and using risk information to make risk informed strategic decisions.

We at Global Risk Management Institute (‘GRMI’) have created a curriculum that spans across all aspects of enterprise risk – financial, operational and compliance, and provides nuanced insights across all key industry verticals. We have worked hard to pull together an enviable mix of faculty

members who bring just the right blend of international academic excellence and domain expertise in risk management. We believe deep domain knowledge, combined with experiential learning imparted by an exceptional faculty team, along with our on-the-job internship Programme, will make GRMI graduates extremely relevant and valued in their profession, whether in reputed consulting rms or in large corporates.

Our aim is to cultivate and promote a generation of risk-intelligent professionals who are ready to navigate in a complex corporate environment, equipped with the knowledge of global markets and understanding of how risk and technology permeate every type of business. On graduating from our institute, our students, will learn to spot emerging market trends and capitalize on them for competitive advantage.

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, the new generation Managers and Entrepreneurs will be challenged to develop, deploy and maintain implement a practical and holistic risk management approach which will help them address evolving risks and succeed in the new business environment. We are con dent that our programme at GRMI will help entrepreneurs, students and business leaders in addressing these risk challenges while helping to grow their business.

Mr. Mathur is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a B.Com from Nizam College, Osmania University. He has 30 years of experience in leadership roles in finance in the consumer goods industry in Asia. He has developed expertise in M&A and integrating new businesses. He has worked in several PepsiCo businesses across Asia and the Middle East, and has been in roles ranging from CFO of large Foods businesses, to Business Planner, Commercial Head for Franchise business, and Audit Director of an International business based in NY USA. In his last role at PepsiCo, he was the Senior Director, Controller India Region at PepsiCo

He has received 6 international finance awards in PepsiCo, which includes recognition for Strategic Impact, and People Leadership and Control Excellence. He has created a non-routine & enterprise risk assessment toolkit to identify and address non-routine risks, and also best practice tools for Agro accounting and Fraud risks.

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