Prof. Madhu Vij, Chairman of Academic Council, GRMI and others.

The first batch of Post Graduate Certification in Risk Management (PGCRM) by Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) and Geneva Graduate School of Governance (GGSG) has commenced. After receiving a large number of applications to start an exciting future in Risk Management, GRMI and GGSG selected only 10 students for the first batch. The students had to go through aptitude and psychometric tests for Risk Management designed by the Geneva School of Governance. These 10 students have diverse backgrounds from Engineering, Commerce, Economics and Accountancy and the Institute has added Bridge programs to help students get to speed on basic knowledge of financial accounting, Business Ethics, Principle of Management and Managerial Economics.

Welcoming the students of the first ever batch of PGCRM at GRMI and expressing gratitude to the team, Mr. Subhashis Nath, Mentor, GRMI states, “A very warm welcome to the students selected for the 1st batch of our Post-Graduate Course. For what was a dream no more than about 36 months back, it’s been an incredible journey with much learning and continued singular focus and belief that has finally got GRMI to this momentous moment. I take this opportunity to thank all of you, our invaluable well wishers, as without all of you, GRMI would not have got to where it is today. We look forward to your support and good wishes as we continue to build GRMI. We are developing a talented and informed pool of professionals trained to tackle potential and impending risks on every front, be it changing government policies, business risks & strategies, industry stagflation, conflict or climatic adversities.”

The first session was addressed by Prof. Madhu Vij, Chairman of Academic Council, GRMI. She is Professor of Finance at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. Prof. Vij’s subjects include the areas of International Finance, Risk Management, Banking & Financial Services, Corporate Finance and Accounting. Prof. Vij’s research includes asset liability management, country risk analysis, derivatives, foreign exchange risk management, treasury management, corporate valuation, credit ratings, financial crisis, currency correlation and corporate governance.

Risk Management is the new sunrise sector that will gain momentum in the coming years due to global uncertainties related with political policies, unemployment, climatic change, international conflicts, financial manipulation, besides the usual financial ups and downs. With uncertainties in the global world rising, evaluating and mitigating risks becomes more crucial Where enterprise strategies used to be devised for 7-10 years, increasing unforeseen risks have forced the corporate world to now strategise for the short and mid terms. Indians with their analytical minds are expected to be the leaders in this field much like they’ve been in the IT sector. Many of these risks would be considered unforeseen to the untrained management professional, hence the need for trained risk management professionals. The Global Risk Management Institute’s initiative to address this vacuum is a pioneering step and will add great value to industries and economies worldwide. GRMI will be making future business leaders thus implementing the Government’s mission of Make in India at the very highest levels. Based on the current status, industries are waiting to welcome professionals with specialized qualifications and practical experience in evaluating and mitigating business risks. According to financial experts these risk management professionals would be the new corporate world savers of the near future.

The strategic partnership between GRMI and GGSG has been a landmark one and the first of its kind in the sector that entails knowledge sharing, exchange of faculty, exchange programmes for students, among many benefits for the students specifically as GGSG specializes in Risk & Disaster Management, Management of Energy & Natural Resources, Labour Management & Migration, International Governance, Trade and Development, Conflict Management & Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Entrepreneurship, Economy, Culture & Society and International Environmental Issues, while Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) is the only comprehensive risk management institute in India, going beyond the conventional financial and insurance sectors in its future driven curriculum.

The curriculum with 13 specialized segments covers end-to-end fundamentals of risk management across multiple industry verticals like, finance, manufacturing, banking, retail, hospitality, operational, compliance and credit. Woven into the Curriculum, case studies have been developed in association with Global CXOs of Fortune 500 Companies across the globe and large business houses in India that will help the students to add practical knowledge and experience along with academic excellence. Students of PGCRM would have the option to pursue a 7 to 10 week program in advanced Risk Management in Geneva or online for a Masters in Risk Management with the Geneva Graduate School of Governance. Post completion of the course, each student is guaranteed placement internationally or in India. The Post Graduate Certificate in Risk Management (PGCRM) will be jointly issued by GRMI and GGSG.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Originally published at: CityAirNews

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