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A visit to The Shelter Progetto

An initiative by the CSR Club of GRMI

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The CSR club organized a visit for the students of GRMI to The Shelter Progetto, a non-profit charitable public Trust that works to better the lives of children and youth in Gurugram. This visit to the shelter turned out to be a very heartfelt and incredible experience. 
The day was filled with laughter, games, and a lot of fun. 

Arriving at the orphanage we were given the most heartfelt and enthusiastic welcome from Ankita who ran the shelter, her welcome was a perfect representation of the atmosphere and feeling we would find running through the shelter. It was a beautiful experience seeing a group of children who are so cheerful, joyful, and smiley, despite all of them having experienced some form of deprivation, whether it was the loss of one or both parents, or a poor upbringing.

Learn more about the shelter here: THE SHELTER PROGETTO


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