Why did I switch my career from Economics to Risk Management

Why did I switch my career from Economics to Risk Management?

From Economics to Risk Management

Anzar Mehboob Berqi
PGDRM Batch July’21-22


I am originally from Jammu & Kashmir. I have pursued my under graduation in Economics (Hons) from Christ University, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Economics has always intrigued me because I believe it is equally important to everyone. Irrespective of their profession, everyone is directly or indirectly affected by economic policies. This had motivated me to study the subject in detail.

During my under graduation, although I enjoyed studying the subject, I felt that the subject matter was redundant in nature and so I always had the urge to explore my options beyond economics. This is when I started researching various professional courses after graduation and some job oriented short term courses. I wanted to join a field that was not stagnant, a field that gave me endless opportunities to learn every day and where I could actually make a big difference. During my research, I came across the field of risk management. I started to look into this field and to be honest, I really liked the subject matter. That’s when I spoke to a lot of risk management professionals and took their opinion on the same. They were very optimistic about the future of risk management and I think that was my cue to join this Risk Management course.

What I really like about risk management as a profession is that it gives you an opportunity to apply your skills to manage risks across industries, therefore giving us exposure across all the different industries. It gives you a chance to explore, learn and grow in fields that you like. After carefully considering all my options, pros and cons, I decided to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management (PGDRM) course from GRMI.

It has been six months since I joined the institute and every day has been a new opportunity for all of us. I have really enjoyed the subjects being taught here, with Business Value Chain (BVC) being my absolute favorite. I have also had the privilege to attend seminars and sessions conducted by leaders of different industries, giving us direct exposure to the field of risk management. The faculty here at GRMI is really amazing, they know their subject better to the core and the faculty is really supportive in all our professional as well as personal endeavors.

I am really happy and content with my decision of joining the field of risk management.



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