Journey of B.Sc Maths to Risk Management|T. Rakesh Patro

Journey from B.Sc Maths to Risk Management | T.Rakesh Patro

Journey from B.Sc Maths to Risk Management | T.Rakesh Patro

T. Rakesh Patro, PGDRM Jan’ 22-23


Discover T. Rakesh Patro’s journey from B.Sc Maths to Risk Management. Explore the comprehensive curriculum and industry expert faculty at GRMI.

Hi, my name is T. Rakesh Patro, and I’m from Berhampur, Orrisa. For my graduation, I have completed a B.Sc in Mathematics. I started liking this subject immediately after my 12th and thereafter, went on to pursue mathematics as a core subject. However it was during my graduation that I actually realized my interests lie in understanding business and how the knowledge of risks will help me in handling the future of a business.

I wanted to gain practical knowledge in the risk domain and wanted to enrol in a full-fledged program on risk management. During my research of going from B.Sc Maths to Risk Management, I came across GRMI (Global Risk Management Institute) and found out that it is the only institute providing such a professional course after graduation that covers all aspects of the risk management course which also known as the PGDRM course.

I wanted to know more about this institute, so I connected and interacted with some of its alumni. I discovered that GRMI’s PG in Risk Management program offers a more practical-based curriculum, which aligns perfectly with my goal of gaining a deeper understanding of risk management. Additionally, the faculty members are industry experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, which enhances the interactive nature of the classroom environment. Coming from a non-commerce background, I believe that the bridge program provided an equal footing for all students. 

We were initially instructed to establish a solid foundation in the fundamentals before delving into the technical aspects of the course. In my experience, successfully navigating the course hinges on active engagement with peers and collaborative discussions. Engaging in conversations with fellow students offers invaluable insights into the subject matter. Everyone brings their unique perspective to the table, and these diverse viewpoints contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of every topic. Consequently, this multi-faceted approach enhances our ability to gain a clearer and more profound grasp of the subjects at hand. 

So, I think changing from B.Sc Maths to Risk Management was a great decision. I am enjoying my time at GRMI and pursuing the PGDRM program is one of the best decisions I have made.  


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