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Why PGDRM is a fit for B.Tech?

After completing four years of study in the subject, applicants are awarded a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), a professional undergraduate engineering degree. One of the most sought-after courses in India is engineering, which is provided by many educational institutions. 

The most popular option to enter the IT industry nowadays is undoubtedly B.Tech. After the program, a variety of lucrative and exciting options are waiting for you all around the world, which provide higher studies after B.Tech degree. After earning your B.Tech., you have a wide selection of short-term and full-time course options to choose from, including those in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and cloud computing. There are several specialised courses after B.Tech. if your main goal is to investigate different specialisations. 

What to do After B.Tech?

There are many full-time courses after B.Tech available as well if you want to pursue a master’s program or diploma after earning your B.Tech. After completing a B.Tech., these master’s programs provide a wide range of specialties, including business administration, robotics engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, architecture, and much more. If you still searching for What to do after b.tech computer science? Following a B.Tech., these are the best master’s and diploma programs: 

  • Master of Technology 

Technology-related training is a major focus of the master’s courses after B.Tech. The M.Tech course’s curriculum is created to provide students with in-depth knowledge, higher studies after B.Tech and professional skill training. Mathematical foundations, advanced programming concepts, networking, embedded systems, graphics, and visualisation make up the bulk of the M.Tech course. After completing the M.Tech program, the students may pursue higher education. They are free to apply for a Ph.D. in any area of technology that they are interested in. Additionally, the M.Tech program opens you to a lot of career options in the technological fields. 

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management (PGDRM) 

Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management (PGDRM) is a one-year program that covers all aspects of Risk management. The curriculum spans all aspects of enterprise risk, Technology risk, financial, operational and compliance, and provides nuanced insights across all key industry verticals. 

  • Post Graduate in Data Science

    As the usage of technology advances, data science is evolving into one of the most sought-after job paths. Finding patterns in data is the main goal of data science. It analyses the data and derives insights using a variety of statistical techniques. A data scientist must carefully examine the data after data extraction, wrangling, and pre-processing. The PG in data science equips students with both business knowledge and data analytics skills.   

  • Post Graduate in Data Analytics 

Although the concept of data analytics may appear complex, it is rather straightforward: it is the process of sifting through unstructured data to identify significant patterns. Business executives can have access to all the information they require to steer their organisation in the proper directions thanks to data analytics, which is a potent decision-making tool. 

  • Post Graduate in Business Analytics 

Data is used by business analysts to create business insights and make change suggestions for corporations and other organisations. Business analysts can find problems in almost any area of a business, including employee development, organisational structures, and IT procedures. Business analytics has developed into a crucial part of firms’ operations as they look to boost productivity and cut expenses.  

If you are still searching for What to do after B. Tech computer science?  

You can start with the Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management course (PGDRM), in Gurgaon. Many companies are hiring Risk Managers, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This course is provided by the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI). We help you to practice many case study problems, it’s a one-year course. This course is taught by industry experts who teach about day-to-day risks they face in the industry and how to overcome those risks. Especially after B.tech, students do Risk Management or PGDRM courses, because it’s one of the best combinations to acquire knowledge of risk management with B.Tech. Companies are looking for risk professionals with B.Tech degrees to work in Business Risk, Technology Risk, Cyber Risk, Operational Risk, Enterprise Risk, and other verticals.  

Here is one example of our B.Tech student…

Mohit Singh, who came from an engineering background, a B.Tech in Computer Science from BBDNITM, Lucknow. He then went on to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management from GRMI and he was placed in Zigram Data Technologies and is now a Lead Business Analyst at FIS.

To know about the Placement in GRMI…


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