How make difference career in Risk Management - Saurav Nath

How can you make a difference with a career in Risk Management – Saurav Nath



Saurav Nath, PGDRM Batch Jan’21-22


The definition of ‘Risk’ has changed over the years. Gone are the days when risk was only linked to financial model. Risk is inherent in all type of investment, process and strategies. The pandemic has provided all the more impetus on the need for mitigating environmental risk. To summarise, ‘Risk’ is pervasive at both micro and macro level.

As they say, experience is the biggest teacher and industries across all verticals have now understood the importance of mitigating those risks for making smart risk averse decision and more importantly ‘Business Continuity’.

With the evolution of ‘Risk’, industries have also realised the importance of handing over the portfolio of managing risk to Risk Intelligent Professionals possessing wide range of skills from having financial literacy to having an eye for identification, assessment and mitigation. A profound risk based pedagogy will equip an individual with knowledge of Global Risk Framework and add value to their qualification.


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