How does the bridge programme help PGDRM students?

How does the bridge programme help PGDRM students?

Bridge Programme (PGDRM curriculum)

Agamya Sharma, PGDRM July’19-20

Internship: PepsiCo | Placement: PwC Risk Assurance


The bridge programme in the PGDRM curriculum really makes it easy for students who are from different educational backgrounds. It mainly caters to the needs of the students who are from backgrounds other than that of commerce. For instance, I am from a science background and the bridge programme really helped me bridge the gap in between, it equipped me with understanding all the fundamentals related to the field of commerce and business. For example, subjects like Fundamentals of Accounting, Principals of Management, Corporate Governance, etc, which I was unaware of during my undergrad, the bridge programme helped me understand all these subjects better, before actually starting the core risk papers of PGDRM.
So, in that way, the bridge programme really helps students like me who are not specifically from the commerce background or not from the business background to understand all the minute details and the fundamentals related to this field which would definitely help us in future.


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