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How does the placement cell of GRMI work?

The placement cell of GRMI

(What is it? How does it work)

Session July 2021-2022


Led by Shobhit Khanna and Preksha Manchanda

We have been a part of this cell and leading it for almost 6 months now and to be honest, this has been a great learning experience for me so far. From networking and communicating with the most prestigious organizations and eminent individuals, being a part of GRMI’s leadership sessions, to us, learning something completely different and new from time to time.

So how does this work if you may ask, we have been connecting with the leaders through LinkedIn and through our institute’s own connections. We have been conducting these leadership sessions on campus as well as virtually in the last couple of months. It’s been great that we are able to connect and learn from leaders from all around the globe.

The area in which the institute aims to achieve perfection through these sessions is the quality of interaction that includes Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Internal Audit, Data Analytics, Credit Risk, and all other aspects of risk management as a whole.

The sessions not only help us to interact with eminent leaders but also helps us to get the gist of the real industry scenario through their life experience.

In addition to this, the placement cell also plays a major role in students’ internships, training, live projects as well as final placements and this has been possible because of the network that GRMI has already built and has been building in the world of Risk Management.

Truly, we have been having a really enriching experience at GRMI.




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