Leadership Session with Mr. Rohit Khurana - GRM Institute

Leadership Session with Mr. Rohit Khurana

Leadership session with

Rohit Khurana

FRM, MBA, Associate Director – Risk Advisory, S&P’s CRISIL Global Research & Risk Solutions


Mr. Khurana conducted the session titled on “ The key AI/ML trends in Model Risk.” The session was very informative and helped the students to expand their thinking into Data Modelling, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and its relevance in Internal Audit.

Mr. Khurana explained a couple of models that are very pivotal in data analytics and how they help to increase the effectiveness of estimates made. The relevance of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) in developing business strategies was also discussed during the session. The speaker also explained the role that data analysts play in today’s dynamic business environment and how AI, ML and data analytics is critical to the role.

The session concluded with the speaker addressing the questions from the students.



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