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Leadership session with Vinay Bansal

Leadership Session| Vijay Bansal | Founder & CEO at IPV


About Mr. Vinay Bansal

Mr. Vinay Bansal is a finance professional with over 20 years of global experience in Fortune 50 companies, Startups, and Private Equity. Currently the Founder and CEO at Inflection Point Ventures (IPV). He has a track record of exceptional performance in positions of increasing leadership responsibilities with a sharp focus on delivering growth & profitability.

His expertise includes Private Equity, Complex accounting projects (Treasury/ Derivatives accounting, Lease structures & accounting, Forensic audits), Corporate finance, Plant finance, M&A, Tax, Financial Services, Corporate audit (US GAP & Indian GAP), Supply chain management, Compliance, and Sourcing.


About the session

Mr. Bansal, Founder and CEO at IPV, conducted a leadership session on “Startup Ecosystem”. The open discussion focused on the startup ecosystem in India and the key requisites of starting, growing, and running a successful startup. The startup ecosystem in India is changing unprecedentedly, with new trends and ideas, and work culture.

The speaker also discussed the positive impact of COVID-19 on startups, which compelled people to open up to technology and shift to Ed-Tech, Fintech, and digital payments for their day-to-day activities.

Mr. Bansal also stressed how problems and aspirations become core ideas behind startups. Identification of a problem to solve or an aspiration can help find an idea for an effective startup. He emphasized how investments work and how psychology plays a crucial part in deriving investments.

The session was thoroughly driven by an open discussion where Mr. Bansal gave numerous educative examples to answer the questions from the students.


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