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Live Project Experience with CXO Genie LLP

How was my live project experience with CXO Genie LLP and how did it help in my career growth


By Alumni


Along with the rigorous curriculum at Global Risk management Institute (GRMI) which makes this one of the best risk management courses, I got a chance to improve and upgrade my skills for a brighter career in risk management in India, during the one-year span by working with CXO Genie LLP. I would say, it was a great learning experience because this was the first time that I got to work as a Risk Professional and experience the corporate world while still pursuing a postgraduate diploma in risk management (PGDRM) course.

I got an opportunity to prepare research papers on a number of topics like cash management, risks, and supply chain, adoption of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and also got an opportunity to interact with and learn from the CXOs, CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) and CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) of various companies like Razor Pay, Pernod Ricard, Digio, Paper Boat, Zebpay, and many other companies.

The Live Project with CXO Genie not only helped me with learning and gaining new skills and knowledge in the field of Risk, but also helped me apply all of my theoretical learnings during the programme curriculum into the practical world and learn from the outcome. With this, I also got an additional benefit of experiencing the industry as a Risk Professional and this prepared me for the corporate world that I am in right now.



Nikhil Nair, PGDRM Jan’20-21

Pre PGDRM qualification:, CA (Cleared in March 2021)


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