How can you make a difference with career in Risk Management

How can you make a difference with a career in Risk Management!

Making a difference with a career in Risk Management


Om Aditya, PGDRM July’21-22


Risk has always been an inherent part of every business. Risks, not leveraged properly have led to the ruin of many a business worldwide. Even then, the understanding of risk and its impact still remains at a nascent stage in our country.

Following the covid-19 pandemic, businesses all over the world began to assess the risks involved with their operations, and the need for risk management consultants skyrocketed, therefore, increasing the chances of a promising career in risk management in India. Risk management, which was long viewed as a small component of the management curriculum in college, has evolved into one of the most promising professional courses after graduation, owing to the exponential increase in demand for risk assessment and mitigation.

A career in risk management in India, therefore promises exciting opportunities across all verticals of the industry. It involves a thorough study of the processes, strategies, and objectives of a business and then identifying and mitigating the risks associated with them. The value it adds to business in terms of risk assurance translates to immense career growth for risk management professionals.


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