Nikita Srivastava (Student) Experience In and Out of Classroom

Nikita Srivastava experience at GRMI. We asked a handful of our students to reflect on their time at GRMI so far and to answer a few questions we put them. We hope that this series of Q&A gives you a sense of who they are and what they think of the institute. We hope it also provides a window into their academic and extracurricular lives. They all share a common love for GRMI and a shared desire to make a difference in the world.


By Nikita Srivastava, PGDRM July’21-22


What’s it like to be a part of the GRMI community?
– – It’s great to be a part of the GRMI community. During my days at GRMI, I got to interact with leaders across different industries and learn from their experiences. All the faculty teaching here carry extensive experience in their respective domains.

What is one fact concerning GRMI that everyone should be aware of?
If you consider yourself to be an introvert, this institute makes sure that they make you learn to be interactive and more outspoken. The curriculum is designed in such a way that you have to participate and interact with your batchmates to understand the curriculum better.

What attributes does one need to have in order to have a successful career in this field?
I think awareness, confidence, and willingness to learn are required in every field of work to have a successful career.

Why should one pursue a career in risk management?
Well, if you check the recent stats, this field has been in high demand for a while now. I did my part of the research well and I was amazed to see the kind of impact risk management has in the industry. In the current industry scenario, an organization cannot completely run smoothly without risk professionals at its back. So I think a career in risk management has tremendous scope presently and in the future as well.

According to you, what qualities should a risk manager possess?
They should be the ones who possess a zeal to know and understand the working of the industry. Also the details of the basic process, like how it works and the key areas of operations.

What factors influenced your decision to enroll in this risk management course?
Alumni feedback is the sole reason why I joined this institute for the one-year risk management course.

Is there an active and helpful alumni network?
Yes, alumni here are really helpful. They love to get back to the institute whenever the institute needs them. 

What types of extra-curricular activities do you do on campus?
We have MS-Excel sessions, a knowledge club that conducts knowledge sessions on different industry topics. Apart from this, our entertainment club organizes different activities from time to time come to keep us entertained and enthusiastic during the rigorous study schedule.

How would you describe your experience at GRMI?
My experience so far has been going great with GRMI. I was an introvert at the time I joined first but gradually, with this institute, I really am learning to interact with people and be more confident during presentations and public speaking. So yes, even though slowly, I am still improving myself every day.

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