Prof. Madhu Vij, Former Professor at FMS, Delhi University

Prof. Madhu Vij, Former Professor at FMS, University of Delhi on importance of Risk Management

In the current complex and turbulent business environment, organizations are undergoing rapid digital and process transformations and embracing newer business models to remain competitive. The business landscape of organizations has shifted focus from recession survival tactics to aggressive growth strategies. With this, the risk profile of organizations is also changing drastically along with the impact and velocity at which such risks can potentially hit the organizations.  Managing risks is the priority for senior management and it is a key strategic parameter now for organizations to create sustainable value and succeed.

To support organizations during these challenging times, the onus is equally on the academia to support business organizations with requisite skill sets and trained professionals and give guidance around applying a structured lens towards understanding the risk landscape and implementing risk management practices in an organization. Unfortunately, education in the risk management domain has started showing prominence only in the last few years, and that too has been limited to specific aspects of risk management like financial risk, market risk, insurance, and Enterprise risk management as a concept.


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