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Research Study on “Risks in Ikea”

Risks in Ikea

By Suraparaju Deepthi​ and Sanandita Mukherjee (PGDRM Batch July’20-21)

About the company

IKEA is one of the biggest furniture companies in the world founded by a carpenter named Ingvar Kamprad, in Sweden in 1943. ​It has more than 9500 products and has more than 350 stores in 35 countries. Ikea has invested 800 crores in India for procuring sites.​ IKEA works for no profit. Because of tax rules for non-profits, IKEA pays about 33 times fewer taxes than their for-profit competitors. ​

The Ikea trademark and the concept is owned by another private company named Inter Ikea Systems.​ IKEA Group is one of Sweden’s best-known companies. IKEA designs, manufactures, and supplies quality furniture at low prices to make it accessible to the majority of people. IKEA’s furniture products are designed to be sleek and minimalist and manufactured to be easy to assemble and maintain.​


Their business model


The secret behind low prices
  1. Entry into the food industry
  2. Savings in packaging and marketing
  3. Saving in Shipping Costs
  4. The type of material used
  5. Assemble-it-yourself
  6. Economies of Scale due to bulk production
  7. IKEA designers work around the price of a product


Top 3 value concerns of Ikea
  •  Cost Consciousness
    Their first priority is to make their product affordable to as many people as possible. They challenge themselves constantly to make the product more affordable without compromising on quality.​
  • Renew and Improve
    They always challenge themselves to try something new and to find a better way out.​
  • Caring for people and the planet
    They believe in caring for people as well as for the environment. They act as a force for a positive change.


How does Ikea’s value chain work?


Risks faced by IKEA in the international environment

Supply chain& Logistics Risks

         Since Ikea is having stores across the globe, the shipping and logistics cost bared by the company would be very higher. For example- Shipping from Europe to other countries like USA or UK may take 1-2 months and shipping cost is way too expansive and there is a chance of goods getting damaged while shipping.​

Cross-cultural risks

  • Language barriers​
  • Regulations ​
  • Compromising on Ethical practices ​

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