Research study on Risks in Telemedicine Industry (Practo)

Research study on Risks in Telemedicine Industry (Practo)

Risks in Telemidicine Industry



By Kunal Jha and Paraduman Mahajan, PGDRM Batch July’20-21


  • Practo is a Indian tele-medicine company founded in 2008  by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal.​
  • Earlier in 2009 Practo was focused on Practo Ray software services in which doctors can view digital health records, print e-prescriptions, schedule appointments, generate e-bills and review patients etc.​
  •  In the year 2013, the company’s founders launched Practo’s website i.e., as a doctor discovery platform to facilitate customers to approach the right doctors instantly through the online medium.​
  • By 2014 more than 10 million e-records of patients were created, which was increasing at a double rate . More than 1,00,000 doctors were listed on​
  • By 2015 Practo received Series B funding from Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital.​


Business Model





Strategic Risks​
  • Reduction in business share due to competition, healthcare reforms​
  • Geographical Risks​
  • Inefficient Doctor Engagement Strategy​
  • Merger and acquisition 


Operational Risks​
  • System failure​
  • Reputation loss​
  • Delay in delivery may lead to customer loss.​
  • Usually customers have trust factor towards the local pharmacies. ​
  • Delivery of Expired Medicine.​
  • Incorrect Diagnosis /Prescription​


Cyber Risks
  • E-Transaction ​
  • Loss of sensitive personal data or information (SPDI)​
  • Safety of data​


Compliance Risks
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)​
  • Digital information security in healthcare act (DISHA) ​
  • Health Information Technology for Economic clinical act (HITECH)​

   (Government may come up with stringent regulations on this type of telehealth Since they play on a minute margins, it can threat their existence)​


Financial Risks
  • Huge Amount of Investment For Expansion​
  • Pricing strategy of competitors​
  • Professional liability coverage​


Fraud Indicators
  • Fake Call Frauds​
  • Insurance Coverage promise​
  • Suspicious Charges​


Key Companies in the Telemedicine Industry


  • ​​



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Get the full research study here: Risks in Telemedicine(Practo) by Kunal Jha and Pradhuman mahajan


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