Risk Masterclass with AIMA: 17th Oct 2020 - GRM Institute

Risk Masterclass with AIMA: 17th Oct 2020

This Masterclass program is being organised by All India Management Association (AIMA) in collaboration with the Global Risk Management Institute, Gurugram.

Digital Transformation is thought to be the next big business evolution. The advent of Industry 4.0 has brought a greater emphasis on the need for digital transformation by Indian enterprises for survival in a highly competitive global market. The world is changing very fast and businesses are getting disrupted faster than ever before. Under the circumstances, digital transformation no longer an ‘option’ now and any enterprise that is not in tune with their digital transformation strategy, or global digital trends is at a huge risk of becoming less relevant or even irrelevant.

This masterclass will showcase the impact of digital transformation on organisations, provide insights on aligning digital transformation strategy to organisation culture, processes and maturity curve; develop strategies for leveraging digital transformation to create competitive advantage and bolster compliance. and will also provide management insights for managing practical challenges to navigate change

The speakers / facilitators of the programme include:

Subhashis Nath, Senior Global Partner and Executive Director at Genpact Enterprise Risk Consulting (formerly , Axis Risk Consulting), a Genpact Company; Founder & Mentor to the Global Risk Management Institute, Gurugram; Active industry speaker at forums across United States, Europe, Malaysia and India
Shantanu Ghosh, Former Global Business Leader – Enterprise Solutions, Genpact; Former CFO at GE India; Head of GE’s Corporate Audit team and GE’s Finance Management Training Program for India.; Associated with Unilever for a decade including being part of the strategy formulating team for the chairman.
Harinder Dhaliwal, Currently he is the Finance Transformation Head at AIG; Former Chief Financial Officer at Barclays; Former Finance Leader, Global Operations and Financial Transformation leader at General Electric
Afzal Modak, Independent Advisor & Investor in Emerging Market Companies; Former Global Transition Leader for GE Global Operations; Former CFO and Executive VP at Garanti Bank.

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