Sambhavi Chowdhury (Student) Experience In and Out of Classroom 

Sambhavi chowdhury experience at GRMI. We asked a handful of our students to reflect on their time at GRMI so far and to answer a few questions we put to them. We hope that this series of Q&A gives you a sense of who they are and what they think of the institute and the Risk management course that GRMI offers. We hope it also provides a window into their academic and extracurricular lives. They all share a common love for GRMI and a shared desire to make a difference in the world. 

My Experience at GRMI

Sambhavi Chowdhury, PGDRM Jan’21-22


How would you describe your experience at GRMI so far? 

It’s amazing! People here come from all walks of life and have unique viewpoints, which allows us to think in new and different ways. Not to mention we all respect and support each other while actively competing in a healthy way. It’s been great pursuing the PGDRM course at GRMI so far,

What is one fact concerning GRMI that everyone should be aware of? 

Punctuality, discipline, and work ethics are important. 

What attributes does one need to have in order to have a successful career in this field? 

Hard work, awareness of current surroundings, and an open mind are all required. 

How did the admissions process go for you? 

It was a rigorous 5-round interview for me, but everything went smoothly and I got the admission without a hitch. 

Things to remember before going for a job interview. 

Be prepared with a good self-introduction, the internal audit process, ERM, COSO and PA2 

What factors influenced your decision to enroll in this programme?  

Covid-19, supply chain disruption, development of new business models. This PGDRM course is one of the best job-oriented courses 

Do you believe GRMI prepared you for a career in your field? 

Yes, it has definitely prepared me well for the upcoming challenges.

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Student Experience In and Out of Classroom


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