Saurav Nath (Student) Experience In and Out of Classroom

Saurav Nath experience at GRMI. We asked a handful of our students to reflect on their time at GRMI so far and to answer a few questions we put them. We hope that this series of Q&A gives you a sense of who they are and what they think of the institute. We hope it also provides a window into their academic and extracurricular lives. They all share a common love for GRMI and a shared desire to make a difference in the world.


By Saurav Nath, July’21-22


What’s it like to be a part of the GRMI community?
– – It gives me immense pride to admit that I’m a part of the GRMI family. I have always lacked a mentor in life and I’ve found a community here to mentor me in my professional endeavor.

What is one fact concerning GRMI that everyone should be aware of?
– – Everyone should be aware that GRMI changes people a lot for the better. It’s a process and one which will require you to be adaptive, hard-working, and determined. You have a lot to gain if you have the urge within yourself to succeed.

What attributes does one need to have in order to have a successful career in risk management?
– – I believe having an eye for assessment, asking probing questions, and having confidence in subject knowledge are some of the attributes that can help an individual succeed in this field.

Why should one pursue a career in risk management?
– – A career in Risk management is the new calling. It is now stopped being looked at as a cost center by organizations and is now perceived as a division critical to business growth. It acts as the lynchpin to meeting business objectives. With the changing era and dimensions, the portfolio to handling risk is also being transferred to risk smart professionals and thus a career in risk management is the talk of the town.

Things to remember before going for a job interview.
– – A candidate should be well aware of the recent happenings and should be abreast of the news. Apart from domain-specific technical awareness, it’s also important that the candidate is confident, well-spoken, and well-articulated. There may also arise questions that may intend to check your thought process of joining a risk-oriented role/programme so it’s always better to align answers with examples.

According to you, what qualities should a risk manager possess?
– – A risk manager should ask probing questions,
– – should be confident, and
– – should be able to manage higher managerial pressure.

What factors influenced your decision to enroll in this programme?
– – I’ve had some experience in transaction and compliance risk. Through my work submissions, I realized the importance of risk professionals. I always wanted to be at the forefront of mitigating risks and GRMI was the only institute with a full-fledged programme in risk management, also it’s like any other one-year MBA programs in India that would boost my career to the next level. I had gone through their subject offerings which impressed me a lot and also had spoken to alumni to understand the curriculum. Choosing GRMI was the best investment decision I could have made for my career for it is one of the best job-oriented courses in India.

So far, which subject has been your favorite?
– – Although all the subjects are equally important, I found my interest in Business Value chain, Process Assurance and Operating Efficiency, FRM, ITGC, and Cybersecurity have been my favorite subjects.

How would you define the GRMI faculty?
– – GRMI faculty members are exceptional. They are enriched with a plethora of experiences and that helps in clarifying all our doubts with examples. GRMI faculty members are very knowledgeable, helpful, and cooperative to mention a few.

In five years, where would you like to see yourself?
– – I see myself as a certified senior professional (CISA) helping the organization meet its stated objectives.

Do you consider the campus to be diverse?
– – The campus is diverse with students from different socio-cultural, educational, and work backgrounds. Helps a lot in peer-to-peer learning.

How would you describe your experience at GRMI?
– – My experience at GRMI has been enriching. I’ve learned so much from the faculty members and batchmates in the past 1 year that I’m confident of facing any business problems head-on. Apart from academics, I’ve created memories with friends over the classroom, parties, and trips that can never be recreated and relived.

Do you believe GRMI prepared you for a career in your field?
– – Yes, GRMI shaped my skills as per industry requirements and beyond. Guest lecture sessions, knowledge club sessions, and discussions with faculty members have made me industry-ready.


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