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Subject Matter in PGDRM

Topics covered under the PGDRM Programme 


Financial Risk Management (FRM) often works for large banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms, regulatory agencies, and asset management corporations and has a specific understanding of risk assessment. FRM typically comes to mind when discussing risk in the corporate sector, but from a broader perspective, this field of risk management also includes IT risk, ESG, FRM, cyber security, enterprise risk, etc. This is the sole focus of the one-year PGDRM programme offered by the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI). The GRMI is proud to offer all of these subjects in a single course called PGDRM course. Business executives, academic experts, and corporate professionals determine the areas you study during your PG in Risk Management (PGDRM) course




PGDRM Subjects :


  • Operational Risk  

Operational risk is the danger of suffering losses asa result of poor or ineffective procedures, rules, plans, or circumstances that interfere with business operations. Operational risk can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including employee mistakes, inefficiencies and criminal activities like a fraud.

  • IT Risk Management 

IT risk management is an evaluation and attestation service to help businesses in the Transformative Age understand and manage business risks associated with technology.

  • Financial Risk  

FRMs often work for large banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms, regulatory agencies, and asset management corporations and have specific understanding in risk assessment.

  • Strategic Risk  

The term “strategic risk” describes the internal and external factors that could make it difficult or even impossible for a company to accomplish its objectives and long-term ambitions. These dangers have potentially disastrous long-term effects for organisations.

  • Third Party Risk Management 

The goal of third-party risk management (TPRM), a type of risk management, is to identify and minimise risks associated with the use of third parties (sometimes referred to as vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors, or service providers).

  • Financial Reporting Risk 

Anywhere in an organisation, there is a potential for reporting financial risk to existing. This risk can be caused by several internal and external causes, as well as actions made by numerous people. Inaction can also lead to wrong financial reporting.

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) 

Environmental, Social, and Governance is the abbreviation for ESG. Investors are using these non-financial aspects more frequently as part of their analytical process to spot important dangers and expansion prospects.

  • Enterprise Risk 

The process of methodically identifying and managing prospective occurrences that pose risks to the accomplishment of strategic goals or present possibilities for competitive advantage is known as enterprise risk management (ERM).

  • Corporate Governance 

Ex ante risk detection should receive appropriate attention in corporate governance guidelines. Risk management should take into account both strategic and operational risks, as well as both financial and non-financial hazards. even though not always transferable to the non-financial sector, valuable.

  • Risk Management in Cyber Security 

Risk Management in cybersecurity is related to the loss of information, data, or information (or control) systems’ confidentiality, integrity, or availability and reflects the potential for negative effects on an organisation’s operations (i.e., mission, functions, image, or reputation), assets, people, other organisations, and the country.

  • Applied Data Analytics 

Data from real-world problems are used in applied data analytics (science) to generate recommendations for policies, solutions, and other outcomes.



Students from GRMI after the PG in Risk Management (PGDRM) course work in the above fields such as Financial Risk Management (FRM)/ Financial Advisory verticals, Risk Advisory, Business Risk, Technology Risk etc.


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