What is the best career option for 2021 after Covid-19?

What is the best career option for 2021 considering the present Covid-19 situation?


It’s all in the news that one of the most demanding careers in the post-pandemic era is a career in Risk Management. Why?

All the organizations have realized the need for Risk Professionals during the pandemic, they have realized:

  • how the risk managers can safeguard their businesses in times of crisis,
  • how do they help in planning for the unforeseen, and
  • how they help in surviving in worst conditions.

In short, COVID or not, Risk Management is a career that would never go out of demand. The importance has only increased during the pandemic and would be even more after the pandemic.

Many organizations have hired Risk Intelligent Professionals, built an effective Risk Committee, gave a lot of importance to these professionals in the last 5–6 months. Some key facts of the Risk Management market:

Market overview

  • The risk advisory services have a market size of more than $10 billion, growing at the fast year-on-year rate of about 40-45 percent.
  • The top 250 companies spend around $30-50 million each on risk-related activities.

This kind of market size translates into a great……..

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