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Which career has more job opportunities in India?


Undoubtedly, opportunities for a Risk Management Professional has increased tremendously in India in the past few years.


Market overview

  • The risk advisory services have a market size of more than $10 billion, growing at a fast year-on-year rate of about 40-45 percent.
  • The top 250 companies spend around $30-50 million each on risk-related activities.

This kind of market size translates into a great career opportunity in risk management. With no structured and comprehensive programme in India, or even globally, to address the skill set gap, trained risk management professionals will have an edge.

Evolving role in MNCs

A good risk manager should be able to recognize and examine the business environment, assess risks the business is exposed to, and define a risk mitigation strategy. The risk manager gets the opportunity to learn business nuances across the value chain of an organization and not just confine their knowledge to functions like marketing, production, finance, etc. They are also expected to analyze risks across all business functions and help define an apt risk mitigation strategy for the firm.

RISING ROLE OF RISK MANAGEMENT (Mainly after the pandemic outbreak)

If one is familiar with the corporate world, they would know the role that risk management plays, in the simplest words, it safeguards an……


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