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Why I left My Job and Joined GRMI?

The reason why I left my job and planned to pursue a career in Risk Management

Jayita Gulati, PGDRM July’21-22


Talking about my journey, I would say GRMI happened to me at the right time, the institute helped in my career in Risk management in India. Working at EY (Ernst & Young) and understanding the surroundings there, I realized a few things:

  1. One is that, professional diploma courses after graduation or any post-graduate course is very important in one’s career,
  2. Secondly, one should have an area of expertise, and
  3. Thirdly, everything in an organization revolves around managing risk.

I have often heard the word ‘risk’ quite a good number of times while doing my undergrad and even when I started working professionally and somehow it just stuck to me.

Risk management is an ever-growing field as industries lately are struggling to manage their risk appetite, As a result, the possibilities of having more prospects in risk management careers have increased. New unknown risks are emerging every other day and therefore demand for risk management professionals has significantly increased specifically since the beginning of the pandemic from the year 2019. These are the factors that led me to take the decision of becoming a Risk Professional and pursuing a risk management course.

When I was looking for good professional courses after graduation for my post-graduation, I came across GRMI. I was very excited and glad to find that there is a specialized risk management course that can provide me with all the know-how to manage risk. I started my search for GRMI from there, connected with a few of the alumni and I was really happy with their positive responses. They were kind and patient enough to answer all my queries and brief me about life at GRMI and how the institute will help me grow personally and professionally. That was my cue to take the final call and join GRMI to pursue my career in Risk Management.



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