Dr Boëne talks to VISHAL KATOCH about how a collaboration with GMRI will help create more jobs

What are the real risks areas in terms of risk management?

Risk means if you don’t  address it, something will go wrong and you’ll not succeed. The Geneva Graduate School of Governance’s main focus is to manage physical risks that can be earthquake or some other kind of natural disaster, geopolitical risks, public health risks,  industrial risks and economic risks is also part of the concept.

What impact will this collaboration have in creating jobs?

At present, the worldwide risk management market is evaluated at over $40 billion with large corporate spending around $25 million each per year to effectively manage the risks and uncertainities associated with their businesses. Geneva is not an ordinary city and the students will walk away with at least two job offers  after  the completion of  this programme. It would also entail knowledge sharing, exchange programmes for students and exchange of faculty. The Post Graduate Certificate in Risk Management will be jointly issued by GRMI and GGSG.

What factors have led to this partnership?

Our school could not dream of a more perfect match than Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) when it comes to institutional partnerships. The vision was very clear not to create one more generic institute like many in the present time.

What should be the eligibility criteria for applying to such courses?

The eligibility for applying is simple — a student needs to complete higher secondary schooling under 10 plus 2 system and a three years bachelor’s degree. We then take a psychometric test that would assess the attitude and aptitude of a student.

What are your views on the present education scenario?

The present day education don’t let the students bloom, the perimeters are already fixed. Business doesn’t accept such perimeters. We believe that every child has some special quality inside him which is the USP to succeed. The GRMI understands the fact that each student is born with his own specialties that can be in any field which is our job to find and help him out.

What distinguishes this programme from others? 

Apart from theoretical knowledge, there is an uncompromising 100 per cent placement guarantee for the students. The team comprises of many pioneers that has worked hard to put together an immaculate mix of faculty members with the right blend of international academic excellence and domain expertise in risk management.

Tell us a little about the curriculum.

It has 13 specialised segments covers end-to-end fundamentals of risk management across multiple industry verticals like, finance, manufacturing, banking, retail, hospitality, operational, compliance and credit. Students would have the option to pursue a seven to 10 week programme in advanced risk management in Geneva or online for masters in risk management with the Geneva Graduate School of Governance.

Originally Published at: The Pioneer

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