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Career Switch from Banking to Risk Management

Banking to Risk Management

Arnab Basak, July’21-22


Prior to joining GRMI for my career in Risk Management, I worked as an Assistant Manager for one of India’s most prestigious banks. The banking work culture’s quick pace and autonomy appealed to me.

When compared to other occupations of a comparable kind, the ‘risk’ in the banking industry is extremely very high. Risk is inherent in financial institutions and banking organizations, and risk management is really very critical for banking institutions in general. All banks now operate in a fully automated environment, and FinTech is reshaping the financial industry as institutions migrate to digitalization.

One fine Sunday I was searching for risk management and its future in the banking industry. That’s when I got to know about GRMI and its risk management course. I liked GRMI because it is unique in its manner, and so I decided to pursue risk management as a profession. After the post-pandemic crisis globe, risk management has become a hot topic, and risk management careers may allow a professional to have a large impact on their organization.

Real-life case studies are a big part of the curriculum, and they make the experience a lot more fascinating and hands-on. GRMI offers a unique atmosphere in which we may engage with more global leaders and risk practitioners than any other institute offering such professional courses after graduation. It also offers a secure, professional, and welcoming learning environment, as well as high-quality teaching, assessment, and learning management, along with timely and accurate feedback on student progress and accomplishments. I had heard that the ideal college life experience is a myth, but GRMI has proven me wrong. I’m honored to be a part of GRMI.



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