Have I made the right decision by opting for PGDRM?

Have I made the right decision by opting for PGDRM?

Have I made the right decision by opting for PGDRM?


Rashi Bhatnagar
PGDRM Jan’22-23


I am Rashi Bhatnagar and I am from Delhi. I have completed economics honors from Delhi University and currently, I am pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management (PGDRM) from Global Risk Management Institute.

Why did I opt for this course?

The industry which is exponentially rising post-Covid phase is the RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTING. Every industry now knows the relevance of uncertain events and how hard they can impact the business. Risk management is the process of proactively identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks to ensure that an organization is able to successfully navigate them and achieve its business objectives. Events like Covid-19 and the financial crisis have shown the importance of risk management and currently, a career in risk management is booming.

In this era where new industries are emerging with complex business structures like Zepto, Zomato, CRED, and many more such companies are exposed to business risks. Here comes the part of the risk management function, the more efficiently risks are identified, the more the company can earn. Risk Management offers you a diverse and dynamic career where you will face different challenges every day so that you can upskill yourself. And I was exactly searching for a course like this where I can get practical exposure to different industries and a chance to upskill myself. So I decided to pursue this risk management course.



It’s been 3 months since I joined this professional course after graduation. The faculty here is a mix of academicians and industrialists who ensures that students get the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The curriculum started with the bridge programme which helps everyone stand on the same platform in terms of basic knowledge about business. All the subjects which are taught in GRMI, like Business Value Chain (BVC), Process Mapping, Process Assurance, etc. gave me a real and practical understanding of how different industries work and where the potential risks can lie. Along with business-related knowledge, GRMI also ensures that your communication skills are enhanced through business communication and vocabulary classes. GRMI creates perfect corporate risk professionals through their teaching skills and new-age curriculum.



Economics is the field that helps you to think strategically and make decisions to optimize the outcome. I always loved studying economic concepts and theories but I decided to pursue a career in risk management in India because in economics there are more theoretical concepts with less practical understanding. But with risk management, I am getting practical knowledge of different industries and I am able to upskill myself by learning new things every day. So I would say that I made the right decision by choosing a career in Risk Management after Economics Honours because a blend of both will definitely help me stand out in the crowd.


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