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From Hotel Management to Risk Management

Why did I switch my career from Hotel Management to Risk Management?

Spandan Banerjee, PGDRM Jan’22-23


I am Spandan Banerjee and I am an ex hotelier. The decision to pursue further studies and branch out of hotel management came after the pandemic hit us and left everyone shattered and I eventually was left with no other choice due to the deterioration that the industry and my career went through.

Initially, a generic MBA was what I was aiming at. However upon further research and the desire to be different from the herd I came across Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) where I chanced upon their curriculum and realized that this field in the near future will be a game-changer and I would want to be a part of that growth story when it occurs.

Our world, now more than ever is volatile and uncertain. And with uncertainty comes the certainty of risk and an intelligent task force that could act as the think tank for companies to carve out paths around various risk facets, is the need of the hour.

Although I was doubtful about adjusting to the curriculum especially because I was from a hospitality background which is completely unrelated to risk management as a field, the institute eliminated all my worries with the bridge programme, a one month programme with basics of business being taught to get everyone on the same level, to begin with. All in all the journey till now has been great and worthwhile and I am confident of a fulfilling remainder year at GRMI.



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