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How did my internship help in career growth?

What did I learn from the internship and in what ways did it help me to grow

By Agamya Sharma, PGDRM July’19-20

Internship: PepsiCo | Placement: PwC Risk Assurance

During the 1-year curriculum, I got an opportunity to do my internship while pursuing PGDRM. In my internship, I got the chance to participate in discussions that revolved around the funding of several start-ups and I had to do the due diligence for most of those start-ups and I had to even think about what could be the risk, what could go wrong in implementing the strategies which were discussed for those start-ups, what could go wrong in several other aspects which are involved in the day-to-day operations of a start-up from the conception of the idea which is behind the start-up till the very end of it, till the implementation part.
So that was a very big and important learning that I got. I actually got to understand how it is out there in the real corporate world. How one can be professional in their work, what are ethics and how do we implement them properly. And I got the opportunity to get mentored by several Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Technical Officers (CTO), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), and even founders of various start-ups. Also, I got to work upon what I had witnessed in my classes at GRMI, I got to work on such projects, hands-on, in my internship. I understood how it actually is in these corporations and I could easily relate it from my classes at GRMI.


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