Leadership Session with Mr. Masood Ahmed - GRM Institute

Leadership Session with Mr. Masood Ahmed

Leadership Session


Mr. Masood Ahmed Director – president of the Center for Global Development

Mr. Masood Ahmed is president of the Center for Global Development. He began working at the Center in January 2017 after a 35-year career leading economic development policy projects pertaining to debt, assistance efficacy, trade, and future prospects for the world economy at key international organizations like the IMF, World Bank, and DFID. Managing Director Christine Lagarde praised Mr. Ahmed as a “visionary leader” when he left the IMF, where he spent eight years as director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department. In that position, he handled interactions with important national and international policymakers and stakeholders as well as the operations of the Fund in 32 countries. Prior to this, he had held the positions of deputy director of the Policy Development and Review Department and director of external relations at the IMF.

During the leadership session at GRMI, Mr. Ahmed talked about the importance of business ethics and integrity in a working environment. From his extensive career, he highlighted his observations on how ethics and compliance are two sides of the same coin in the pharmaceutical sector and may be applied to other industries. The focus was on the way a corporation is ethical, the same reflects being compliant as per Regulatory and which helps in building the reputation in the Market.


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