Best Alternative to a Mini MBA course in India

PGDRM- An Alternative to a Mini MBA

Why is PGDRM a good alternative to a Mini MBA?


A mini-MBA is a curriculum that gives you a fast-paced one-year MBA program of everything you may learn in a regular MBA program. This frequently reduces what you may learn throughout a full graduate program.   

Post Graduate Diploma Risk Management course (PGDRM) is just like Mini-MBA which can be done after graduation in any discipline or any masters course. This course caters to students from all educational backgrounds.

The following are some major advantages of obtaining a PG in Risk Management Course:  

  • Examining essential ideas: When obtaining a one-year MBA program, you study a wide range of complex subjects, such as business, finance, economics, accounting, etc. This is the same with PG in Risk Management course. It covers all aspects of risk management. Not one but all like Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance, etc. This can assist you in determining your future career decisions.


  • Rapid Certification: With many programs, you can finish the required coursework in just one year. This risk management course might be a rapid approach to obtaining a business certification because it includes an authorized certification. PG in Risk Management course (PGDRM) by GRMI is endorsed by a UK Accreditation body which is accepted Globally. OTHM is a UK Awarding Body regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulations) and recognized by Qualifications Wales. To know more, click here. PGDRM students/alumni work at Top Firms in the country & globally where join at qualified Post Graduate levels.


  • Getting certifications for your resume: To demonstrate your dedication to lifelong learning, you might highlight your qualification on your resume. Employing managers are more likely to take notice of you because of your professional endeavors in the span of one year than candidates with more generic courses.


  • Enhancing Income Potential: A certification/diploma in a specialized domain like risk management, and many other advanced education degrees, may enable you to command better salaries because of the professional skills that you will be inculcating through these professional short-term courses.


  • Getting credit for college: If you choose to pursue a full-time MBA, many universities let you use your mini-MBA or similar professional short-term courses for credits. This is definitely beneficial.

Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management course (PGDRM) by GRMI is a condensed version of standard Master of Business Administration degrees, as implied by the name. These MBA alternatives are made to help business professionals develop their careers more quickly.  The majority of these MBA alternatives focus on just one specialization. Professionals that require a rapid means to get specific certification and experience will find this to be extremely helpful.  

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